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There are no shortcuts to website design?

It is merely a waste of time to cut corners in website designing. Polarity Hosting doesn’t take shortcuts. The website design planning is done strategically with thorough and neutral discussions with the clients, before starting the web development project. We help and advice our clients to make strategic decisions in what their business / company needs today and which steps are necessary to take for future stability and growth.

The best deals for Website design and web development?

 Polarity Hosting offers various website design and development packages suiting every need and budget. The basic entry level web design package is for Rs. 24000 only, and we take only 3 days to completely develop, design and deliver the website..

Found what you were looking for?

Don’t worry if you can’t find what you are looking for. We offer customized packages according to your requirements and your budget. And guess what? We don’t charge a consultancy fee; you get a 100 % free consultancy with Polarity Hosting . Note: We do not offer free website design or free logo design service but YES the initial consultancy is FREE OF COST.

Pay a ‘little’ more, Get a ‘lot’ more?

If you have slightly higher budget then you can easily go for our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. They offer a great value for your money, within your budget and offering so much more!

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